My contributions to this project included:

Managing a team of 3 programmers on a 15 person team as Technical Director – I determined the feasibility of many of our intended features, as well as guided programmers on the best ways to implement them. We used Unreal 4 and the blueprint functionality for all logic in the game. I set up the VPN and Perforce repository, and managed the developer operations including user base and user support. I taught the team how to use source control, as well as best practices.

Assisted in UI development – Our user interface was unique in that is was a mix of 3D and 2D. This meant unique challenges for world space to screen space responsiveness.

Download: Itch.io

Abyssal is a steampunk submarine on-rails shooter consisting of four levels of gameplay, paying homage to Sta Fox 64, and was developed in Unreal4. There are many enemies to combat throughout each level, with one boss to conquer at the end of each.

This was my second time developing a mid-size game in UE4, and the largest challenge we faced was that the engine was so new, and lacked features and documentation. Many examples had not been made at the time, and the internet wasn’t ripe with other developer’s experience to learn from. We encountered many engine bugs – but through trial, error, and workarounds – shipped a product that we were proud of.