Acquaintances – An Ice-Breaking Party Game


Acquaintances is a party game that you play with strangers.

It’s comprised of 89 cards (and one rule card) that each have a social task on them. The main rule is that you must complete each task with someone you’ve never spoken to before. Some example tasks are:

  • Ask someone how their mom is doing
  • Show someone a picture of a pickle
  • Have a staring contest with someone
  • Give someone a blank piece of paper

My motivation for creating this game was to gamify breaking the ice with people in public spaces. The tasks on the cards may seem mundane, but interacting with strangers can be awkward and hilarious, where even something as simple as telling someone they smell nice can be daunting.

I used Illustrator to design all the graphics. I took inspiration from Brosmind and Adventure Time for the aesthetic of the packaging. Click on the rules card to zoom in to read it.