Augmented Reality Dev

Microsoft HoloLens Apollo Demo
Developed in: Unity 5.x

This demo was created to demonstrate the ability to view and manipulate an object in physical space. The demonstration was a supplement to a proposal sent to NSF using the Microsoft HoloLens.

The original proposal to Microsoft was for Memory Lens: A Dynamic Tool for Capturing Societal Memory. It explores the unique capabilities of the Microsoft HoloLens to facilitate intergenerational transfer of knowledge about key historical periods between youth and elders and to gather what we refer to as Micro-Oral Histories (MOH).

You can read more about it here and here.

Video: Using a pinch gesture, a user can rotate a virtual model in relation to the physical world.



Canon MREAL Demo
Developed in: Unity 4.3

This demo was created to demonstrate the ability of mixed reality to take a small space and make it seem large utilizing virtual space.

The photo shows the physical space set up using a blue screen and fiducial markers.

The fiducial markers allow virtual models to be placed in the physical world. Each marker represents a 3D model in the virtual world.

The blue screen allows a key to be implemented so that a person or item can be occlude the virtual item, producing a physical foreground with a virtual background.




Microsoft HoloLens Animation & Manipulation Demo (Emulator)
Developed in: Unity 5.x

This demo was created to demonstrate scale, rotation, and animation of an object with the HoloLens.

This project was created for a client to be able to visualize and move large-scale objects around in space.

Video: Using a pinch gesture and voice recognition to swap functionality, a user can rotate, scale, and interact with certain parts of a virtual model.



Canon, USA MREAL Incident Command Demo
Developed in: Unity 4.3

Using Canon’s MREAL mixed reality headset, we created this scenario prototype as a discussion tool showcasing lab research at the 2015 Canon Expo in New York.

Video: The user can interact with the augmented objects by placing fire and swapping virtual objects with a mobile device.