Backseat Driver VR

Backseat Driver VR

Developed in: Unity 5.x

Platform: Google Daydream VR (Android)
Role: SOLO

Backseat Driver is a networked VR game developed on the Google Daydream platform to provide an asymmetric VR gameplay experience. Players use Daydream views in a local gameplay area to cooperatively get to the endpoint.

Player 1 plays the driver. They cannot see the map, but need to navigate (via the Daydream controller) to a point in the world. The driver uses the controllers internal IMU to steer the car, while accelerating with the thumbpad.

Player 2 plays the passenger (not technically in the backseat). This player holds the map which shows where the end waypoint is located, and must provide verbal directions to the driver, in order to reach the end.


  • Create a social asymmetric gameplay experience on the Daydream platform
  • Provide players with a “couch co-op” VR experience that is accessible and fun