Microsoft HoloLens Academic Research & Development

Microsoft HoloLens Academic Research & Development

On November 11, 2015, University of Central Florida was among 10 academic research institutions to be awarded two Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition devices.

I’m extremely excited to be playing a part in the development of such a fun piece of hardware. I began work in AR in 2014 with the Oculus DK1 and an extra set of cameras on the HMD to display the real world, and have looked forward to a more versatile system since. In order to get accurate positional tracking to interact with augmented items, we used an IMU suit from Animazoo. Needless to say, “northing” the suit every use and drift issues along with latency from DK1 rendered the visuals and interactions less than stellar. A system like HoloLens, with the untethered movement and spatial mapping, is promising in providing a solution to the issues we once had.

Our selected Microsoft award proposal, Memory Lens: A Dynamic Tool for Capturing Societal Memory, explores the unique capabilities of the Microsoft HoloLens to facilitate intergenerational transfer of knowledge about key historical periods between youth and elders and to gather what we refer to as Micro-Oral Histories (MOH).

You can read more about the award recipients on Engadget and the Microsoft blog.

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