Writing Weekly Shader #1 – Tartan Plaid

Writing Weekly Shader #1 – Tartan Plaid

One of my more technical, shader-y friends and I decided to challenge each other each week: he creates a font and I create a shader based on a theme each of us sets for each other. I suggested we do very broad themes to encourage interpretation and to allow creative freedom.

So, this week’s themes are:

Warm (Alexia) Apple (Jeremy)
Link to code

Why a shader and a font?

These deliverables are somewhat far from what each of us do normally. By writing a shader, I get to complete a technical graphics exercise, learn more about coding and about GLSL and WebGL using Shadertoy, and he gets to learn more about typography and the graphic design process.

I’ve commented inline with my code why I wrote the shader the way I did.

What I learned this week is that I need to read more about graphics technology. More to come.




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