Candy Sack


This is the second iteration of this game – I created the first at a Halloween game jam in 2014 in 40 hours for PC. I focused on two things for this game:

  1. Small scope size due to time limitations
  2. A unique core mechanic

I typically design games around a unique core game mechanic (rather than story, etc.). Candy Sack’s main mechanic is based on an expanding touch collision area of the player. As candy and points are accumulated, it becomes harder to avoid obstacles. The player can decrease their touch area size by collecting a diet pill. I got the idea for Candy Sack from the Halloween lore about hidden razor blades inside apples given out to treat-or-treating children on Halloween night.

Candy Sack
Developed in: Unity 5.x


Candy Sack is a mobile, arcade style game where the player uses their touch to collect candy while avoiding dangerous objects. As the player’s score rises, the size of the touch space grows, adding difficulty to object avoidance. The game uses a leaderboard through Google Play to show high scores.

I first made this game in a game jam that I organized, and it can be found here.


Flowchart denoting the player experience through the application.