High Fidelity


Role: UI/UX Designer

High Fidelity is an open-source engine for creating a massively multiplayer online world. It allows for both desktop, virtual reality, and mobile use, and supports various peripherals such as Oculus Rift, Vive, Microsoft MR headset, Leap Motion, and Xbox controllers.

Check out my contributions to source and documentation on Github

  • Visual Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Team Process
  • Prototyping/Scripting
  • 3D Modeling
  • Asset Generation
Visual Design

Setting Visual Standards for Accessibility

It’s especially important in VR to design the visuals in a way that is easily legible by many people. Take a look at my process here.



Interaction Design

Redirect 3D Environment (404 Page Not Found)

In cases where someone couldn’t connect to a domain during loading, the user would be thrown into a void with no prompt. A redirect environment was necessary to let the user know an error had occurred, give them a way to get around to other domains, and give them a chance to login if necessary. I created the particle systems and 2D assets for the environment.

Fail states include:

  • Lacking permissions
  • Banned
  • Bad connection
  • Domain no longer exists

Create Tool Entity List

Our editing tool has a compiled list of objects in the environment, and users can edit these while other users may be editing as well. Allowing users to edit an environment collaboratively creates the problem of an ever fluctuating list that accounts for all the objects in the environment. 

In order to alleviate this case, color coding objects that have been deleted, edited, or added to the environment alerts a user of a change without adjusting the list structure.

VR Keyboard

I designed and scripted a 3D keyboard in JS for efficiently typing in VR. This replaced an Android-style keyboard in the tablet.

We opted for a drumstick method since user- generated avatars can have many different hand sizes, or even no hands at all.

Mobile Alpha Virtual World

I lead the design for user experience and workflow, as well as the layouts and user interfaces.

Our application was launched as an alpha on the Google Play store.


Controller Remapping Utility

A remapping utility is the ultimate accessibility tool, especially for controllers such as Oculus Touch that are specifically made for right and left hands. 

In order to be inclusive for users who may have handicaps or disabilities, my goal was to allow them to map their own controls to how ever suits them. The remapping utility serves a second purpose by documenting default controls in a convenient place in the interface.

Team Process

In an effort to provide more structure to our design process, I created a model to provide a workflow for each project. It outlines how each member interfaces with each other. 

With this new framework, I introduced the 6-3-5 Brainwrite into the process to structure the ideation process and allow team members contribute in an orderly way.