How To: Doctor

The two parts of the game: the interactive game and the manual.

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How To: Doctor
A poor man’s guide to fixing people.

Developed in: Unity 5.x

Download the game: How To: Doctor
Download the manual: How To: Doctor Manual

How To: Doctor was developed at Global Game Jam 2018 (a game made in 48 hours). It’s an asymmetric game including an interactive component and a document. Both players are local to each other, and need to communicate effectively to win the game.

Player 1: This player views the manual, and instructs the other player how to fix the patient. As player 2 describes the symptoms, player 1 must search through the manual to figure out what tools to use to fix blood spurts, pains, and skin affectations local to the patient’s legs, arms, and groin.

Player 2: This player is viewing the patient and doesn’t have access to the document. They describe what they see to Player 1 so that Player 1 can find out how to fix the issues.

More to come in a dev blog…



Download the PDF file .