Jolly Bikers, Inc.

Jolly Bikers, Inc.
Developed in: Unity 5
Peripheral: Intel RealSense 3D Camera

Jolly Bikers, Inc. is a game utilizing Intel’s 3D camera technology. We used hand tracking, head tracking, and facial recognition to create the game. A smile keeps the bicycle messenger moving, while a frown slows him down. Use your hands to move obstacles out of the way in order to deliver your package on time.

Our team competed in Intel’s RealSense Competition in June 2015, and was awarded first place.


Focusing on a unique mechanic for this game was easy to do considering the technology we were given to work with. The RealSense camera is capable of facial tracking and gesture tracking. We assigned a small scope to the game based on time limitations, focusing on providing a novel demo rather than a full game.

There are two types of recognition that allow interactions with the game:

  • Facial recognition
  • Gesture recognition

Jolly Bikers, Inc. tracks the player’s mouth to see whether the user is smiling in order to propel the character. The camera SDK tracks specific vectors on the user’s face, so we assigned a standard and increased the player speed based on how far off from that standard the player’s mouth endpoints deviated from it. To increase difficulty and humor, we added obstacles to the street which can be swiped away by the player with their hands.