Nintendo Switch Haptic Lab Demo


My contributions to the project included:

Designing the experience – Working with another designer, we chose the assets to be used and the effects that would be implemented. I designed a particle effect for the checkpoints, and created the level. I chose to create a figure-8 style experience since it would be shown on a conference floor, where people would play it for a few minutes and leave for another experience. I grayboxed the level first, then iterated on it by flying the spaceship around in order to make sure it was feasible to fit into tight turns or through other assets in the scene. I then did the environment design with the assets we had chosen.

Integrating the Nintendo SDK – I did all integration of the Nintendo SDK, as well as developed and mapped the control scheme onto the Joy-Cons.

Building the experience – In addition to building the environment, I integrated the haptic effects we had designed, and deployed the experience to the Nintendo Switch.


Nintendo Switch Haptic Lab Demo
Developed in: Unity 5.5

This demo was created to best showcase the haptic capabilities of Immersion’s pre-released Haptic Lab using Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons. I designed the level by grayboxing the area into a figure-8 track, and after testing the maneuverability of the character controller in the environment, placed the assets and created the particles for the checkpoints.

The demo incorporated this functionality:

  • Boost – showing a dynamic animation with haptic effect on button press
  • Space brake – showing a dynamic animation with haptic effect on button press
  • Collisions – random haptic effect “bump” based on collision with environment
  • Fire missile – haptic effect on button press
  • Fire lasers -haptic effect on button press
  • Barrel roll – showing a pre-defined animation with synced haptic effect
  • Checkpoints – haptic effect paired with an audio effect as collision with checkpoint occurs

You can learn more about the tool we developed and used here.

This demo was the main focus at the October Unity Unite conference in Austin, TX. Haptic Lab was announced at the event.