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Grift header

Grift: Scam Tycoon
   Role: Co-Founder Bodeville, Game Designer
   Engine: Unity
   Platforms: iOS, Android
   Project: Grift on iOS
   Team Size: 4

In Grift, play as Henry Horns, a goat who's scamming people on social media while trying to find his nemesis, Gwendolyn Goat. Dress up bots and scam your way to the top by unlocking new conversations and new ways to interact with your targets. Maybe you'll discover something new about yourself along the way?


Game Design, UI Design, and Art - Working with an engineer, I concepted the UI, developed UI in Figma, and prefabs and materials in Unity. I charted out game systems. I wrote the story with my eng partner.

Marketing - I contacted press and influencers to play our game, resulting in 5% response/posts as an outcome. I developed a following with our audience on social media and ran ads for the game on iOS.

Our third game released as Bodeville, Grift, an idle scam management simulation. We decided to make a free-to-play game in order to grow our brand and capture the attention of more players who love short-form narrative games.

I recruited and hired two contractors to work with us, a character artist and a marketing manager, who I created the statements of work for and managed the deliverables. I recruited a majority of the playtesters.

UI and Art Style

Grift Style Guide

Grift UI Grift Icons
Content Design

Story - Throughout the game, the player learns more about Henry and Gwendolyn's backstories through chatting.

Accessories - Grift has almost 200 unique accessories! I chose the categories and items based on research of Picrew, subreddits, and other dollmakers on the market.

Characters - Grift has 40+ unique characters, with bios, unique dialogues, and unique outfits.