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House Haunters
   Role: Designer
   Engine: Unity
   Team Size: 5

House Haunters is a multiplayer asymmetric game about flipping a haunted house. We created this game during the Global Game Jam of 2020.


User interface & User Experience I designed all the UI in Illustrator including the logo, and set up the scenes and menu flow in engine.

Visual Effects I created the water, electricity, spiders, and bubbling ooze FX using Illustrator and particle systems in engine.

Audio Effects I combined free sound bytes of a marimba and a theremin to make an catchy ambient loop for our game. I adjusted other free sound effects for effects across the game.
Think you can flip a haunted house?

Four players compete in this game to see who can foil the other team before time runs out! The game starts out with two players as ghosts that break plumbing, ruin electrical, and spill ooze in a house with new buyers who are close to closing day. Repair-cats must keep the house fixed up for the remaining time until closing day to win the game, but they can't see where the ghosts are going to strike next!

We made this game for the game jam's theme "repair," because we wanted to make something multiplayer, and because we wanted to make something that included cats. Our team was comprised of a 3D artist, a concept artist, a programmer, and two designer/generalists (including myself).