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A portrait of Alexia Mandeville

Designing the world’s next immersive social games, platforms, and virtual worlds. I'm especially good at creative vision and helping a team deliver a fun experience by contributing to art, game design, content & copy, UI/UX, and interaction design.

I’ve worked on projects across a variety of platforms that employ gesture-based input, haptics, and AR/VR interactions.

My biggest passion lies in making content that encourages people to laugh and socialize.

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In the News

Immersion Brings TouchSense Force To Unity Engine With Haptic Lab
Tom’s Hardware – October 2017

Microsoft will hand out $500K to these five HoloLens grant winners
Engadget – November 2015

UCF Researchers Receive Holographic Headsets to Study Intergenerational Learning
UCF Today – November 2015

Canon U.S.A. Supports the Future of Education with Mixed Reality Student Competition at the University of Central Florida
Business Wire – July 2015

UCF Teams Up with Orlando Science Center at Otronicon Technology Event
UCF Today – January 2015

Game Jams

Global Game Jam Facebook HQ – January 2018

Global Game Jam Facebook HQ – January 2017

Dream Machine (Organizer, 25 attendees) Google Daydream Otronicon, Orlando Science Center – January 2015

Big Scary Game Jam (Organizer, 60 attendees) – October 2014

Global Game Jam Orlando Science Center – January 2015

Plug In & Jam (Organizer, 25 attendees) Makey Makey Otronicon, Orlando Science Center – January 2015

Simulation Jam (Organizer, 20 attendees) Institute for Simulation & Training – September 2014

Intel RealSense Competition Melrose Center – June 2014

Indie Galactic Space Jam Orlando Science Center – March 2014

Favorite games: Space Station Silicon Valley, Katamari Damacy, Minecraft, Banjo-Kazooie, Rocket League, World of Warcraft, Chariot, WarioWare: Smooth Moves, Little Big Planet, Dance Dance Revolution, Citadels, Backgammon


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